Natanael Cano asks that they not ask him for photos on the street because they “take away” his “free time” | Famous

Nathanael Cano made a special request to his followers to do not ask for photos, greetings or birthday wishes on the streetwell “he doesn’t give them” because “they take away the little free time he has”.

The 21-year-old singer of lying corridos explained his reasons in a series of messages he posted on his Instagram stories.

“My people, maybe it’s your birthday and everything, but I also have 4,599 fights, businesses and work to start congratulating you,” he wrote, adding laughing emojis. ” maturemature, it is part of the growth my people”.

In a second story he wrote: “If you see me skating or on the street Better not ask me for a photo ‘I don’t give them’not by mom…, They take away the little free time I have as a human being outside of work and you come to put me back to work. Ha ha ha, it doesn’t work like that babies, sorry.”

Nathanael asked that they only do it during their presentations: ” At a concert run to hug me and kiss mebecause that’s my job on stage.”

The controversies of Nathanael Cano

The exponent of lying corridos has been characterized by expressing his feelings without filters. He recently showed his annoyance by not be nominated for the Latin Billboard and said that “he is waiting for his award as Best Mexican Artist and for being the only one, apart from Bad Bunny, with two albums in the top 50 of my country.”

The singer was also involved in a lawsuit on social networks with the Cuban Ovi, with whom he had a friendship and made collaborations. However, in January this year they ended badly due to alleged egos and envy that little by little they were climbing until reaching a null reconciliation. In April, Ovi pointed out that “that friendship was never real, at least on my part, yes, but not from him, that friendship never existed,” she told the cameras of El Gordo and La Flaca.

But without a doubt, his most remembered controversy is the lawsuit he had with Pepe Aguilar in 2020, whom he insulted through videos on social networks for not knowing what lying corridos were.