Natanael Cano starred in a fight at a party with friends

Natanael Cano was once again at the center of the scandal after starring in a fight with his friends at a party.

The fight was recorded by some witnesses who were present at the scene and the videos soon went viral on the Internet. As can be seen in the images, the singer of “corridos tumbados” was enraged and did not care who was in the place, he simply continued with the fight.

The unfortunate event occurred in a bar in San Carlos, Sonora; According to the artist himself in a video from his Instagram account, which he later deleted. After the bad moment, Cano went to his networks to explain what happened to his followers.

“I’m in Sonora, in my land with all my friends and suddenly a vato farts her. Ask him how the stupid man did. We broke all his … mother,” said the interpreter of “Diamonds” explaining that it was an unknown man He was the one who started the fight.

Cano, who has already been at the center of other controversies for some of his attitudes, boasted of the violent act and said that after the party he was waiting for the man to leave to continue the fight, but that he did not see him again .

“I was waiting for him at the exit, but he never came out, he went along the beach… where I saw you. There are recorded videos. Where I saw you… from the lying corridos. They had me grabbed. That guy ran down the beach full of blood,” he said in a video that he later deleted.