Nataniel Sánchez on controversy between Andrés Wiese and Mayra Couto: I don’t stay silent if I see something unfair | entertainment | celebrity | In the background there is room | SHOWS

Nataniel Sánchez was present on the YouTube program “I am Jackie Ford” by the famous choreographer Arturo Chumbe, where he told about his beginnings on TV and in the theater. In addition, he took the opportunity to comment on Mayra Couto’s controversial complaint against Andrés Wiese.

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“I, regarding this issue, it seems to me that we must be very careful with our opinion, since we cannot be in Mayra’s skin or in Andrés’s skin. What infuriates me is the ease with which people open their mouths to give their opinion, when they both have families and they are the only ones who can know the truth.” the actress said.

He then continued with: “If I had seen something, some injustice, of lack of respect (…) I would not remain silent and I will never turn a blind eye to something that seems unfair or incorrect.”

As recalled, Mayra Couto denounced on her social networks that she was the victim of improper touching by Andrés Wiese during the recordings of Al Fondo Hay Sitio.

Nataniel Sánchez on criticism of his Spanish accent: “I will not stop until I speak as a Spanish”

During the interview, the actress made it clear that she does not mind being criticized. What’s more, she will keep talking like that for an important reason.

I don’t watch entertainment programs. Actually, I like to watch programs that bring you. I don’t like to find out about the other person’s life because if the other person doesn’t tell me, why don’t I care?”, he said in the first part of his response.

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It doesn’t bother me because I’m not going to stop until I speak like a Spaniard because I’m an actress. If in a movie they need me to speak like a Spanish woman, I will speak like a Spanish woman. If they need me to speak as a Cuban boy or as a Mexican”, added quietly.