Nataniel Sánchez reveals that a children’s cheerleader attacked her: it seems that she was at a bad time | entertainment | celebrity | in the background there is room | SHOWS

Nathaniel Sánchez returned to Peru after living four years in Barcelona from where he wants to promote his artistic career, however, he left Spanish is clear in his way of speaking.

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During an interview he gave to the YouTube channel “I am Jackie Ford”, he confessed that a well-known former child cheerleader yelled at him when he was 10 years old. The presenter’s fury was unleashed, since the actress was confused in a few steps of a choreography.

“What happened is that my mother Charito always taught me that respect keeps respect and there was the mistaken idea that when you abused a child, the child, because he was a child, had to remain silent. I don’t like being yelled at and it seems that she was at a bad time and she made the serious mistake that she thought I was smiling”, Nathaniel Sanchez reported.

He then continued with: “She started to say that I made a mistake in the choreography and you, Jacky, know from Chumbe that I am against Chancona. If I make a mistake, I am aware and say ‘I was wrong’. I am demanding, but I was not wrong, we had done the choreography over and over again, but someone had to be blamed. She yelled at me very badly, I was 10 years old, I felt exposed and told her not to yell at me and she did not expect me to raise her voice and she got upset ”.

Was María Pía Copello the aggressor of Nataniel Sánchez?

The host of the digital space, Jackie Ford hinted that María Pía Copello was the host who verbally attacked Nataniel Sánchez, as she assured that now this children’s entertainer is part of the hosting of a famous reality show.

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“What a pity that she was bothered, now we see her in a program with her true face (…) I’m going to show you the fashion realities”, Jackie Ford told