Natasha Araos defends herself against the accusations of Chyno Miranda fans

Chyno Miranda’s health remains unknown to many. It is known that the musician is in his native country, Venezuela, in a process of improvement after going through a serious state of health.

This situation has generated anxieties and speculations among his fans who do not stop expressing themselves on social networks pressing to find out what is really happening with the interpreter of “Mi Niña Bonita”. In this context, one of the people who received the most criticism was Natasha Araos, the ex-wife of the singer.

Many followers of Miranda still cannot accept the separation of the two and question Natasha Araos’s attitude for “leaving him alone” at such a difficult time and for “taking advantage of his money.” Among so many comments, there was one that did not go unnoticed and that aroused Araos’ impotence to the point that she went out to respond.

It was precisely when they branded her a “vividara”. Her negative comment was: “Very well your life and that of your husband, how is it? He has rich fans, you should give a live of how he finds himself. You just lived it… you can tell she (…) a couple is in bad times despite everything ”.

To which the model and influencer replied: “Because of people like you, who believe anything that the yellow media say and more, because of people like you, people who need attention, it is that the world is as it is. And if I faithfully believe in that of karma, it exists and everything you give comes back multiplied”.