Natasha Klauss and Michel Brown kiss that seems real

Although the series has not yet been seen in Colombiain other countries they already showed it and it was not as successful as expected.

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In fact, even the actors themselves showed their disagreement because those of the first edition did not have the leading role that was expected and history was changed a lot, as they revealed themselves.

One of those women who did not see this edition with good eyes was Natasha Klauss. She was the partner of Michel Brown in the novel, although before the recordings there were doubts if he was going to accept being there.

Sara Elizondo and Franco Reyes had their second time together and a video was recently released in which they kiss in a very professional way. The images were released by an Instagram account and many followers were surprised to see this video.

Some of the comments from people who are followers of this novel were: “I never saw a more real kiss than that”, “That kiss is real”, “In slow motion you can see how they tighten”among other comments.

Taken from Instagram
Taken from Instagram

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After the recordings, the Colombian actress went to the altar to swear eternal love with a man who is far from the media, but who had a business with Falcao García’s father.

The wedding was held in Colombia and there were not many famous guests, but it was a party, as the actress showed on her social networks.

The man who fell in love with her is called Daniel Gómez and the day they swore eternal love, details of how that wedding was known.

Michel Brown’s wife is Colombian

Margarita Muñoz is the woman with whom the Argentine actor has had a family for several years and they have even acted together in a recent production.

Michel Brown and his Colombian partner were married in 2013 in the island of Punta Faro, in Cartagena, but their relationship began two years ago. So they’ve been together for over a decade now.

In fact, andThe two have known each other since Margarita Muñoz was 17 years old and he was 28but their courtship almost seven years later, when each of them had had other relationships and had lived different paths.