Nathalie Baye and Didier Bourdon naked in 2, Philippe Lacheau justifies himself: “They refused me nothing!”

Fifi’s band made a triumphant return to the Alpe d’Huez Festival a few days ago. Philippe Lacheau, who has been wildly successful in the cinema since his Baby sitting was awarded in Isère in 2017, actually offered, on the evening of the opening ceremony of the 26th edition of the event, the screening of its new project… the highly anticipated sequel To present this unique comedy, the actor and director was surrounded by many people who were part of the adventure, including his companion Elodie Fontan, but also Didier Bourdon.

They really wet the shirt

As in the first opus of the saga, Didier Bourdon and Nathalie Baye embody Monsieur and Madame Martin, Flo’s parents. And we can say that, to ensure the bursts of laughter in dark rooms, Philippe Lacheau put the package since he even launched into a scene where he plays naked with these two monsters of the cinema. Didier Bourdon and Nathalie Baye in the simplest device, really? “There are some linershe explains in the columns of the magazine TV Major Channels. But they really wet the shirt. Sometimes we go a little far in humor. The actors must therefore follow. And they didn’t refuse me anything.

We started on several wrong tracks

While Grégory has promised Flo to stop his shenanigans for love, the latter decides to scheme one last time to avoid inviting his own parents to their wedding. And for good reason, his father – Gérard Jugnot – is a trickster when his mother – Arielle Dombasle – is a heroine of charming films. The public will discover, with surprise, 2 in cinemas from February 8, 2023, but nothing predicted that Philippe Lacheau would one day work on this sequel. “No way, he assures. Lhe concept came quite late. We started on several bad tracks before thinking about unpresentable parents, and therefore the alibi of fake parents!“The appointment is made.

Find the full interview with Philippe Lacheau in the TV Grandes Chaînes magazine of January 30, 2023.