Nathalie (Love is in the meadow): her harsh criticism of the editing of the show

This Wednesday March 23, 2022, Nathalie, emblematic candidate for season 16 of Love is in the meadow gave an interview to the site Tele-Leisure. In the latter, the farmer pointed to the editing of the program which did not highlight it.

In a few weeks now, M6 will broadcast the new season of Love is in the meadow. On February 14, the channel unveiled the portraits of the 13 farmers who will try to find love during these few days. And farmers pin a lot of hope on the show. It must be said that the latter works particularly well. And for good reason, in 16 seasons, more than 20 marriages have been celebrated and almost sixty babies have been born from union who have seen the light of day in the program.

But unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t work. In the last season, Nathalie failed to find a shoe that suited her. It must be said that the farmer had been particularly virulent towards her suitors, which had not pleased Internet users. Yet, initially, his portrayal sparked an outpouring of support. Faced with Karine Le Marchand, she confided that she had been the victim of domestic violence: “I have always been beaten. I was very young, I didn’t realize it, because I loved him. Then I took the hair of the beast and it was stopped” .

“If I had known (…) I would never have registered”

Because of this terrible experience, she has forged a huge shell that the suitors have failed to break through. During the assessment, Karine Le Marchand had even suggested that she soften a little: “You have to take a course in friendliness (…) You speak very dryly. You really need to work on it, you are not friendly. We can’t say everything, we’re not 5-year-olds.”

On the occasion of the upcoming broadcast of the new season, Nathalie and her daughter Samantha, who signed her up for the show, gave an interview to Tele-Leisure this Wednesday, March 23, 2022 and returned to the unflattering editing of the show: “If I had known what came out of it, I would never have registered it. I was naive, I believed in benevolence, the film crew was very nice, but we did not expect to this result”, says Samantha. “Everything is scripted. Throughout the season, it seems that my mother is just yelling. Well, it’s true that she yells sometimes, but she also laughs a lot! She’s generous and joyful. The image she gives, with this montage of sentences taken out of context and where all the nice moments have been removed, does not reflect who she really is”. An opinion shared by the farmer : “The montages gave me the image of a mean, aggressive, hurtful, hysterical, unwelcoming woman, in short, a real c****”. A bitter experience.