Nathalie Marquay “caulked”: her isolation worries her loved ones, her connection with the beyond takes up too much space

It is impossible for her to turn the page. Almost 9 months ago, Jean-Pierre Pernaut lost his long fight against cancer and its multiple consequences. France has a heavy heart, now, turning on the television. But for his widow, of course, the ordeal is unbearable. She was able, for a time, to take refuge in work to think of something else, but the performances of the play The Tontons Prankstersfor example, space themselves out and give him time to think.

The lack is present in his life, of course. And yet, Nathalie Marquay would continue to communicate with her husband through unorthodox methods. “I know he is near me. I believe in angels, life after deathshe assured in the columns of Ciné Télé Revue last May. He who was very down to earth when I spoke to him about it, he now gives me signs. In October, on social networks, the former Miss France 1987 shared the photograph of a ladybug which would have been sent to her by Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Their technique for talking to each other? Instrumental transcommunication, a system that records the voices of the dead using magnetic or electronic instruments.

It is in Belgium, with specialists, that Nathalie Marquay tries to speak to Jean-Pierre Pernaut. She would even consider writing a book about her experience, or shooting a documentary about it. This is therefore one of the only occupations of the actress, who would isolate herself more and more, and would no longer see many people except her children – Lou, 19 years old and Tom, 18 years old – according to information from the magazine Closer. “Deeply affected by the absence of the man in her life, she refused to see anyone on All Saints Day.can we read in the magazine. And sealed herself off in her new home in Antony, in the Hauts-de-Seine.“A small glimmer of hope: she should soon sing, with Elsa Esnoult, at the Christmas 100 Gala in 100 hospitals, organized by the association Everyone sings against cancer. The appointment is made…

Find all the information about Nathalie Marquay in the magazine Closer, n°911, of November 25, 2022.