Nathalie Marquay: Her daughter sends her an adorable message for her first birthday without Jean-Pierre Pernaut!

Nathalie Marquay wanted to be strong for her children after the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Which had not prevented this mother from bursting into tears during Tom’s speech at the journalist’s funeral. Despite the sadness that obviously still exists in her heart, however, she must consider the fact that life goes on. This explains the fact that she decided to go on stage for a play a few days after the funeral of the emblematic figure of the JT of TF1.

Nathalie Marquay filled by her daughter

Another event was to be celebrated today March 17, 2022 within the Pernaut clan and it was the birthday of Nathalie Marquay. The former Miss France indeed celebrated her 55th birthday today. A moment that will not go unnoticed insofar as it is the first time since they are a couple that Jean-Pierre Pernaut is absent on such an occasion. His daughter Lou had in any case wanted to pay him a fervent tribute to say how much she thought her mom was a strong woman. She had also told him how much she loved the one to whom she owed her life.

Lou Pernaut Story
Lou Pernaut’s message to Nathalie Marquay/Instagram/@loupernaut

This tender childhood photo of Lou Pernaut caused a huge reaction in the ranks of the public. Which shows that all the fans of Jean-Pierre Pernaut are still in solidarity with his loved ones. This, despite the fact that he left far too soon.