Nathalie Marquay: the widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut is convinced that he communicates with her

Nathalie Marquay has been grieving for her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut for two months now. A painful situation to which she returned, also referring to “the signs” that her husband sends to his family.

In the columns of Télé ciné revue, Nathalie Marquay confided in life without Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who died on March 2, at the age of 71 from lung cancer. “It’s very complicated. I always have the impression that he will walk through the door of the house. For children, it’s hard too. It hurts me to see them suffer”, explains the mother who relies on the solidarity of her clan. “Fortunately we are united, just like we are with his first family too. We are welded, “said the one who shared the life of the former 1 p.m. presenter for almost two decades.

But the man to whom she said “yes” in 2007, still accompanies her according to her. “I know he is close to me. I believe in angels, in life after death, as I wrote in my book “Me, I believe in it”. Since his death, he has given me a lot of signs. He who was very down to earth when I spoke to him about it, he now gives me signs from up there, ”she continues.

Signs sent to all his family

Indeed, since the disappearance of her husband two months ago, the mother of the family thinks that she has received several signs from Jean-Pierre Pernaut. If she did not want to mention them all, she returned to moments far from trivial for her. “For two months, I left the hospital every evening at 9 p.m. and the Eiffel Tower was off. The day he died, on leaving, it was on, it sparkled. That’s where we had our first date at the restaurant. The next day, I’m going to take my car and, turning on the radio, there was his favorite song by Johnny Hallyday, “Allumer le feu”, notes the former Miss France 1987, and to specify further: “There was lots of other messages that I keep to myself.

Nathalie Marquay is not the only one to have received signals from the journalist. Their children Lou, 19, and Tom, 18, also experienced these amazing manifestations. “As for my daughter, Lou, her TV turned on by itself at 1am. There was a movie where a man said, “I’m proud of you, girl.” And she died right after. My son was mad with rage at not having any signs. On the evening of the presidential debate, he was in front of a photo where he kept saying: “Dad, give me a sign”. All of a sudden, our two TVs stopped short, the image was frozen”, says Nathalie Marquay.

Convinced that there is something after death, the 50-year-old also believes that “when (his) turn comes, he will be there to look for (her). At least I won’t be alone, he will be my mentor,” she explains, convinced that today her husband “is in the light, that he no longer suffers, that he is close to she”.