Nathan reveals his salary for the program, you won’t believe it…

What if we meet can be found every Monday on M6. If sometimes the episodes offer viewers the opportunity to attend magnificent moving encounters, it is sometimes also a real malaise that is created. Indeed, readers ofObjeko probably remember the meeting between Dalila and Tuan which had caused controversy. The candidates of What if we meet then went to the set of Do not touch My TV, live on C8, to settle their accounts. This time, the controversy around the M6 ​​show is focused around the duo of Nathan and Imogen. The young people exchanged even though they did not speak the same language. Nathan is French while Imogen is a young Australian woman. And Nathan’s remarks to him have insurgent the Web!

As always, the candidates of the television programs which create a controversy with the public have a right of reply. Nathan was therefore questioned in the columns of TVMagazine. He reassured viewers about the editing of And if we met, which accentuates its impertinence. Stating that Imogen was amused by the behavior of her interlocutor, more than fundamentally embarrassed. But that was not all, the candidate for the M6 ​​show talked about remuneration!

The candidates of What if we meet are they actors?

This is the question that everyone asks when they discover What if we meet, on M6. Everyone wants to know if they are atypical people who don’t care about being on television or if they are actors in search of more prestigious contracts who appear on our TV screens. Every Monday evening, on M6, couples meet for real after spending long periods, sometimes years, chatting online. Some encounters leave no room for doubt. The emotion is such that the public does not doubt that these are real relationships that are played out upstream of this meeting. And the cameras And if we met try to transcribe the event as accurately as possible.

But sometimes, meetings are lunar. Objeko will not hide from its readers that it was therefore the case of the meeting of Nathan and Imogene. The young people exchanged by making the viewers uncomfortable as ever. Especially since the editing suggested that the young Australian had no control over the situation. That she was content to hear insanity from Nathan, coasting.

A testimony that will make a lot of ink flow

In the columns of TVMagazineNathan, the 19-year-old candidate for What if we meethas nothing to hide. “I went into this without knowing anything about the show, I had never watched it. I had never done TV before that and I only signed up with good intentions when I discovered the casting announcement. », he begins by explaining. However, he understands that his streak with Imogen was heavily criticized on social media. But it would be towards the production that it would be necessary to turn.

“They only kept these sentences in French and Imogen’s destabilized reactions in English, as if I was playing her in a language she didn’t understand. She passed for an idiot when in reality, I systematically translated my remarks to her and we laughed about it together because we were complicit in this humor. », then added Nathan. And his comrade in What if we meet confirmed this interpretation to the magazine Figaro.

Then, Nathan specifies, without necessarily being invited, why it was financially interesting to participate in this M6 show. “It was an opportunity to be able to meet while being paid and remunerated. The production paid for everything: Imogen’s return trip from Sweden (where the young woman is studying, editor’s note) to Paris and hotel nights. », he revealed. Specifying therefore, in passing, that the candidates of What if we meet receive a salary of 85 euros. A meager salary, Objeko grant it to you.

Finally, he ends by explaining that he and Imogen are not in a relationship and far from it. If they remained on good terms and they could have considered a romance, they both found love on their side and have hardly communicated since their meeting.