Nathanael Cano stars in a fight with blows in a bar in Sonora

The young singer of lying corridos, Nathanael Canowas back on everyone’s lips on social networks after he starred in a fight that got out of control in a restaurant bar located in the state of Sonora.

The events occurred on the night of last Saturday, March 19, at the Maukaa store located in the municipality of San Carlos, and according to several recordings that are circulating on the Tik Tok platform, a group of people clashed with a closed fist in the dance floor.

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Although at first the users did not believe that the interpreter of “I come from the neighborhood” was involved in the fight, but a couple of hours later he shared a video in his Instagram stories where he confirmed that he had been present at the fight and explained how the altercation started.

According to the singer-songwriter from Sonora, he was enjoying the night with his friends when a man approached him to look for problems, and to the surprise of those present, Nathanael did not let the situation go and the confrontation began.

It seems that the man did not come out of the fight well, because Cano dared to confess that ‘all his’ mandarin was broken into segments, and he even said that he waited for him to leave the bar to give him another battered one, but he did not return see him leave the place.

“I am in Sonora, in my land with all my friends and suddenly a guy farts. Ask her how she fared for the stupid. We tore all her… mother from her. And she was waiting for him at the exit, but she never came out, she went to the beach… wherever I see you. There are recorded videos. Wherever I see you… from the lying corridos. They had me caught. That vato ran down the beach covered in blood,” explained Nathanahel Rubén Cano Monge, better known as Nathanael Cano.

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However, what caused the most stir among users was that despite the fact that he is a public figure, the interpreter sent a threat to the subject through his digital platforms, as he assured that if he saw him again, he was not going to let it go so easily.

As expected, this event caused outrage on social networks and it did not take long for the exponent of regional mexican received hundreds of criticisms on his profiles, where Internet users attacked him for generating and participating in fights, especially because he is a public figure.

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