Nathanael Cano’s message on social networks that generated controversy

Nathanael Cano has accustomed his fans to a controversial and controversial style that has repeatedly put him in the eye of the storm. This time was no exception as the Mexican musician sent a message to his fans on social networks and not everyone liked it.

The rapper from Hermosillo complained about the number of people who approach him when he walks down the street and asked them not to greet him or ask for photos because they take away his little free time.

“My people, maybe it’s your birthday and everything, but I also have 4599 fights, businesses and work to start congratulating you. Grow up, grow up, it’s part of the growth my people,” wrote the creator of the subgenre known as “Corridos Lying down”.

“If you see me skating in the street, you better not ask me for a photo ‘I don’t give them’; not because I’m a sucker but because they take away the little free time I have as a human being outside of work,” Cano said and continued: “You guys are coming to get back to work, it doesn’t work like that babies, sorry”.

To his strong and direct message, the musician closed by saying: “At a concert, run to hug me and kiss me, because that is my job, on stage.” This publication generated all kinds of reactions, some understood the situation the musician is going through while others questioned and criticized his attitude.