National Theater will receive the Dominican-Argentine play ‘Mamá está más chiquita’ this February 10

Last Tuesday, January 18, the press conference was held for ‘Mamá está más chiquita’, a Dominican-Argentine musical directed and produced by Josué Hirujo. In this activity held at the Juan Lockward Bar of the Eduardo Brito National Theater, details were provided about what it is based on and what they expect from the event.

This show, which will be held in the Ravelo hall of the National Theater from February 10 to 13, is the debut as director and producer of Josué Hirujo, who is very moved by the way in which his idealized work from two years ago is coming true.

The story will touch on the theme of family and how it stays together despite the obstacles that come between them.

At the press conference, members of the cast demonstrated one of the songs that they will perform at the Theater next month, provoking with their harmonies and voice colors that the desire to attend the event intensifies more and more.

The process of executing the musical specifically began in April 2020. The director of the Dominican-Argentine adaptation thanked his entire work team with whom he is putting “all his heart” so that the Dominican population witnesses and enjoys the entire event.

‘Mamá está más chiquita’ is a work originally by Ignacio Olivera and Juan Pablo Schapira. Josué Hirujo reported that he is working directly not only with the author and composer of the original plot, but also with Marcelo Albamonte, who is the supervisor of the staging in Argentina.

The plot will revolve around Rita (Alice González) and her children, Clara (Laura Guzmán) and Diego (Gabriel Collado), 18 and 19 years old. It will also feature characters like Germán (Jonathan Andrés) and Alicia (Lorena Oliva) as a guest actress.

The show will be handled under the theme of ‘game’. As reported by Josué, it is because each family has its own way of communicating and it is a way for the public to feel part of the work, since as soon as they enter the room, they will begin to imagine and create together with the actors and the whole team what is being seen on stage.

They took the opportunity to invite the public and the entire country to entertain themselves next February 10, 11 and 12 at 8:30 p.m. and on Sunday 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the National Theater, keeping in mind to continue with the regulations and covid protocol.

Humor and sensitivity will be emotions that are expected to inhabit the room during the four days of the presentation. Therefore, they hope that the public does not miss the feelings and experiences that the cast has to offer.