Natural Flavie Flament: her vacation photos in a bathing suit and without make-up amaze her fans!

Flavie Flament recently made her big comeback on TF1, in the cult program Stars at home, which she hosted in the 2000s. A surprise reappearance which delighted her many fans, who are still very loyal despite the end of her television career. Moreover, it is also often mentioned in the show Do not touch My TV. Regularly, her ex-husband Benjamin Castaldi, tells anecdotes about his marriage to the young woman. And the many bullshit of the former host of Secret Story, when they were married. Stories that do not seem to undermine the good mood of the mother of Enzo Castaldi, 18 years old. Indeed, Parisian at heart, the host granted herself a few days of vacation, far from the bad weather of the capital. This Wednesday, May 11, 2022, the TV woman posted several photos from a luxury hotel in Mauritius. And the least we can say is that the photos, idyllic, make you dream!

Flavie Flament has fun under the sun of Mauritius

This Wednesday, Flavie Flament took his phone, direction… Instagram! To make its 76,400 subscribers enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Mauritius. And above all, the dream hotel where she is staying! “Itsi bitsi tini ouini“, she wrote, in the caption of several shots. If this comment in a mysterious language does not mean anything to you, it refers to the song Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polkadot Bikini, Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss. The title evokes a shy girl who doesn’t dare show herself in her bikini. Words that speak to the 47-year-old host, since she posted several photos of her, in a pretty green and white swimsuit. A straw hat on his head, and magnificent golden necklaces. The mother of two children appeared natural, without makeup, since, of course, she is at the pool! And her simplicity won over her many fans, who left her adorable comments under the post.

Instagram account of Flavie Flament

“Flavie is perfect all the time, I want to be the same as her”, “beautiful flavie”, “but too good! Enjoy”, “you are a real ray of sunshine big kisses”, “beautiful holidays and nice moments to you. Once again you are sublime. “, “beautiful to eat”, “what a pleasure to see you happy, what a setting! Stunning ! », or, “we take full the peepers mamamia que bella everything is beautiful absolutely everything”, netizens commented. Moreover, icing on the cake, Flavie Flament even took the time to respond to some of these sweet messages.