Nazan Eckes mourns her father

Last year, Nazan Eckes took a break to be there for her dad. Now her father Necmettin Üngör died at the age of 77. The presenter says goodbye on Instagram.

Photo series with 20 pictures

“Goodbye, Dad,” writes Nazan Eckes on Instagram on Monday evening. With these words, the presenter says goodbye to her father. Necmettin Üngör died at the age of 77. The 45-year-old shares a picture completely in black. In Turkish, she adds, “May your place be in heaven, daddy.”

Necmettin Üngör suffered from Alzheimer’s. Nazan Eckes kept talking about her father’s illness in interviews or on Instagram. At the beginning of 2021, the presenter took a two-month break to be there for her father and mother.

“Dad doesn’t recognize me anymore”

Then, in September, she shared several photos of herself with her parents. She also described the worrying condition of her father. “This is probably the last summer my dad will even halfway recognize me,” she wrote.

In December, Nazan Eckes then said: “Dad hasn’t recognized me or my sons for a long time.” But Necmettin Üngör was “happy in his own little world,” she said at the time. “When my father was healthy, he always dreamed of spending his old age in Turkey,” she recalled in the interview.

“Much strength for you and your family!”

Now, three months later, her father has died at the age of 77. Under the post, many of their fans say goodbye and give comfort to the moderator. Stars like musician Mousse T. or actor Kida Khodr Ramadan also express their condolences.

Moderator Janin Ullmann, for example, writes: “Think of you. Lots of strength for you and your family!” Actor Patrick Mölleken comments: “My sincere condolences, dear Nazan, dear Belgin. Much strength to you both and the family.” Belgin is Nazan’s sister.