Nazarena Vélez counted how many liters of wine she drank per day when she became a widow

It was not another edition of Friday in LAM, since it was 8 years since the death of Fabian Rodriguezthe ex-husband of Nazarene Velezwho remembered him with deep emotion and making revelations that were unknown until now.

“It is very painful. It happens to me on this date and on April 9. I can’t handle it. I really want it. The form, everything was very painful”, commented Nazarena, while the rest of the panel, with Angel of Brito at the head, they listened attentively.

About the moment you found out, Nazarene She recalled that the news found her returning to Argentina and sitting in an airport, thousands of kilometers away. “First I sat on the floor. Everyone was checking if it was true. And I told them that it was true, because of the email that Fabián had sent me, ”she said.

“I had to make a lot of effort not to go crazy. I didn’t torture myself, because I was really about to go crazy. It cost me a lot. I was about to be an alcoholic. I drank three liters of wine a day, looking for papers in the office. I have a tendency to be addictive, I understood that it was going to end badly, “revealed the actress and panelist.

As for the way it came out, Nazarene He explained that he did not have much time to grieve in the face of a tremendous loss and that he quickly had to get ahead, as he could, as a result of the difficult economic situation he had to face.

“I couldn’t do the duel. I couldn’t choose. It was very hard. After a month I had to go out to work, because I had been left on the street and had nothing to eat, ”said Nazarena, who revealed that there were people from the show who helped her, such as Jose Maria Muscari, Mirtha Legrand already Jorge Rial. “The only one I accepted the money from was Muscari. Not the rest, he did not face me, ”he added.