NDR throws the singer out of the German jury for breaking the rules – she reacts

Felicia Lu originally belonged to this year's ESC expert jury from Germany.

Felicia Lu originally belonged to this year’s ESC expert jury from Germany.Image: imago images / Future Image

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 14th. Last year the Italian band Måneskin won with their song “Zitti e buoni”. For this reason, the music competition will take place in Turin, Italy this year. Before that, on May 10th and 12th, two semi-finals will take place, in which 20 out of 35 countries can qualify for the final. Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain and Spain automatically take part in the final as the so-called “Big Five”.

For Germany, the singer Malik Harris will be at the start with “Rockstars” in 2022. This week it was finally announced who is on the German expert jury, which, in addition to the audience voting, votes once in one of the semi-finals and a second time in the final. But shortly thereafter, a member of the team was fired again.

With hit star Michelle: This is the German ESC jury 2022

Since 2016, each country has awarded two separate sets of points, one from jury results, the other from telephone voting results. On May 10, the broadcaster NDR announced that pop singer Michelle is the president of the German jury this year. In 2001, the 50-year-old took eighth place at the ESC in Copenhagen with “Who Love Lives”.

Singer Max Giesinger, his colleague Tokunbo and radio presenter Christian Brost were also appointed as further jury members. Actually, singer Felicia Lu, who lost this year in the preliminary round for the German song for the ESC against Malik Harris, should also be part of the jury. But shortly after the announcement, the 26-year-old was fired as a juror. The broadcaster justified her expulsion on his home page as follows:

“Felicia Lu had already published her favorites from this year’s competition in March. However, the EBU rules state that the members of the national juries are not allowed to name their favorites. Felicia Lu signed the corresponding agreement in April. Therefore, the NDR sees itself in consultation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) forced to exclude her from the jury.”

Alexandra Wolfslast, head of the German ESC delegation, also emphasized in this context that Felicia was a great singer and had done nothing wrong. She shared her opinion of the ESC acts in March before she was officially asked to be a member of the jurybut the rules of the EBU are strict, added Wolfslast.

In the meantime, a replacement for Felicia has already been chosen: KiKA presenter Jessica Schöne was brought on board as a juror. Since 2017 she has accompanied “Your Song for a World!” Song Contest, an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Development. In addition, she has already reported on the Junior ESC.

Felicia Lu: “I am very sad”

Felicia Lu also commented on the incident. This is how she explained:

“After the preliminary decision, I received a few inquiries from fan blogs as to whether I would like to give my points to the other countries. As a big ESC fan, I was of course happy to do so.”

She would never have dreamed of being asked to be part of the official German jury, she explained and added: “I’m very sad not to be part of this year’s jury. A big dream would have come true for me here. I hope to get the opportunity again in the future and I am sure that Jess Schöne will represent me wonderfully.”

What may not be known to everyone: The specialist juries do not evaluate the performances during the ESC live broadcasts, but the second dress rehearsal, which takes place the evening before. The members of the jury will watch a special, non-public broadcast from Turin on May 11 and 13 at the NDR in Hamburg and then vote. Your result will finally be announced live by Barbara Schöneberger on May 14th in the ESC final.