Near the altar? Augusto Giménez calls Nicolle Figueroa “my future wife”

The statements were made by the Argentine tiktoker himself, Augusto Giménez, making it clear that he and Nicolle Figueroa will not only have a child together, they also plan to get married soon.

All the love relationship between the Salvadoran Nicole Figueroa and the Argentine Augusto Giménez has been reflected in his various social networks, from his beginnings to the evolution of his romance.

As everyone knows, the Santaneca tiktoker confirmed her pregnancy a few weeks ago, making it clear that her and “Augus” is very serious. Both have done their best to demonstrate the strength of their relationship through photos and videos on Instagram and TikTok.

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Recently, the two’s TikToks have been filled with a lot of love and affection. The last two audiovisuals from the South American caused a lot of movement on the Chinese platform.

The couple of tiktokers looks very happy waiting for their firstborn.

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Augustus leaves see in the videos that he is very much in love with Nicolle, so much so that he is already talking about marriage. In one of the posted videos, someone hinted that the couple had already passed their dating stage.

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“No longer a girlfriend, she is your wife, mother of your son,” wrote a user, who received the forceful response from the Argentine: “My future wife.”

The couple keeps their followers on social networks up to date with every news. Illustrative and non-commercial image /

The reactions on the part of the followers were not lacking: “Obviously she will be his girlfriend until they get married”, “that’s how they speak”, “I’m going to cry”, “I died”, “it sounds so beautiful”, “hopefully she is a wife “, “I fell in love I fell”, “and for when the wedding”, “let’s get married”.