Nehuda (Les Anges) mom: first image with baby in hospital

Great news from nehuda. This April 23, 2022, the former candidate of the reality tv angels (2016, on NRJ12) announced to her community that she had become a mother for the second time. A happiness that she shared on video with her Internet users on Snapchat.

After several days of silence on social networks, Nehuda announced a nice surprise to her subscribers. “Hello. Sorry for my absence… But guess what?“, she wrote, a little mysterious, before revealing the very first images of her newborn baby on video. We thus discover the mother of Laïa (4 years old) in the maternity ward with her baby on her chest (see slideshow) The opportunity to also discover the tiny hands of the infant.

It was last November that Nehuda revealed that she was pregnant with her second child. To do this, she had shared a photo of one of her ultrasounds. “The second most beautiful gift that life gave me“, could we read. Unfortunately, shortly after, she explained that she was no longer in a relationship with the dad, without however revealing her first name.

So in 2021, it is possible to have children without sexual intercourse. It is possible for homosexual couples to have children. It is also possible for a single woman to have a child with a man at random or through medicine and it is possible for a single man to call on a surrogate mother. But there is an exception. For Nehuda, not the right to be pregnant and to be separated. Love was, love is no more but it left one last gift on its way. If I didn’t want it, if it was an unmanageable situation for me, I would have aborted”, she was indignant after many internet users wanted to know if Ricardo Pinto was the dad. Note that the latter has never made any announcement.

In any case, it did not take long to find out the sex of her baby. At the end of November, Internet users learned that she was expecting a baby boy.