Ñejo “defends” the woman whose cell phone was thrown away by Bad Bunny for a photo

Consequently, the Puerto Rican reggaeton player Ñejo spoke in a live broadcast through social networks in which he gave his point of view of what happened.

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Initially, said to understand Bad Bunny: “Everyone wants a photo, a full body selfie, a video, a group one.”

However, he immediately changed front and explained that if there can be a beneficiary of the situation, it is the woman for all that she can earn at the artist’s expense.

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Ñejo “defends” the woman whose cell phone was thrown away by Bad Bunny

Carlos Daniel Crespo Planas, real name of ñejo, He gave a series of recommendations to the fanatic in question so that she can succeed and even win.

“What [Bad Bunny] fuck off, She’s going to like that video because she’s going to say: ‘I was the one who threw the phone to hell’”, she opined in principle.

And he added that the “Rabbit” will have to regret it “Bad Bunny is going to feel bad and he’s going to send her a VIP pass to the next concert. Bad Bunny is going to enter a video saying: ‘My bad, you caught me wrong’”.

Finally, Ñejo put himself in the fan’s shoes and advised her how to get some profit from the scandal:

“She has to take advantage and say: ‘I want an iPhone 18, some Bad Bunny sneakers in the 3 colors, all of Bad Bunny’s clothes, to the next concert that takes me to VIP with 15 panas’… everything that appears and makes a video greeting her”.

However, he closed with a rather particular phrase:

“And as a bonus, make her suck so she can see how she forgets everything.”

On video, the words of Ñejo: