Nenucovid: toy baby that includes sanitization kit went viral

  you can see one of the traditional Nenucos, with his head without hair, an apron and surprisingly with a face mask on (Photo: Tw @paucuaron)
you can see one of the traditional Nenucos, with his head without hair, an apron and surprisingly with a face mask on (Photo: Tw @paucuaron)

The COVID-19 pandemic has crossed all kinds of borders. Thus, much of what was everyday at the end of 2019 now seems to be an illusion.

But that for those who had already lived for several years, because during this period of more than two years, new babies came into the world and those that already existed began their first years within confinement.

It is for the above that a curious publication caught the attention of Internet users on this occasion, since it was a mother who told about the peculiar gift she gave her little girl.

“My daughter asked for the Nenuco Covid as a gift and taking into account that He’s been in a pandemic for half his life, it makes a lot of sense hahaha”, the user @PauCuaron wrote from his Twitter account.

In the photo you shared you can see one of the traditional kids, with his head without hair, an apron and surprisingly with a mask on. However, the accessories did not stop there, since the toy included a thermometer, a test, a vaccine and even band-aids to place them after applying the biological.

This toy is called “Nenuco, are you ill?  (Photo: PauCuaron)
This toy is called “Nenuco, are you ill? (Photo: PauCuaron)

Users quickly reacted to this tweet, which so far has 6,349 likes, and were surprised by the product. Also, some took the opportunity to give him a nickname.

How is it not called Nenucovid?“,” wow, I didn’t know that existed “or” at least it already includes the vaccine “, were some of the mentions that were written in the publication.

According to the official information of the brand, this toy is called “Nenuco, are you sick?” and includes a 14-inch hard-bodied doll dressed in a baby outfit that can be changed and washed.

Among the accessories that it has, some of the peculiarities are that the thermometer has a light and the virus test has little faces that indicate if the doll “is ill”.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, it also has a spoon for syrup, a tissue, a pacifier and a vaccination card. Depending on the site Free market This model costs around 639 Mexican pesos.

The doll has a vaccine (Photo: Mercado Libre)
The doll has a vaccine (Photo: Mercado Libre)

It should be remembered that the health emergency due to COVID-19 has impacted many sectors of society worldwide, what has been made known since its inception is that the disease could cause people with some comorbidity, pregnant Y older adults will present some complication, but since then it has been ruled out that the minors were a population at risk.

Despite these indications, it was recommended that kids, girls Y teenagers stay at home and the school classes implemented the distance modality, likewise, the Mandatory use of face masks from the age of 2, because using it before that age could represent a risk of suffocation.

However, a figure that is hardly talked about is that of the infections accumulated since the beginning of the pandemic in Mexico, since since April 12, 2020 there is a record of 84 thousand 447 accumulated cases of coronavirus in minors, according to data from the Comprehensive Protection System for Children and Adolescents (Sipina).

In this sense, 15 thousand 807 are infants from 0 to 5 years old, 20 thousand 586 from 6 to 11 years old, 48 thousand 054 are adolescents from 12 to 17 years oldLikewise, 385 are women and 438 men.


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