Netflix: Ana de Armas is already extraordinary as Marilyn Monroe in the trailer for Blonde

Ana de Armas morphs into Marilyn Monroe for Netflix. On September 23, Australian director Andrew Dominik will unveil his fifth feature film, Blonde hair, the controversial and highly anticipated adaptation of the novel by Joyce Carol Oates. Recently seen in Dying can waitthe Cuban-Spanish actress plays the tragic icon of the 1950s, who died in 1962 at the age of 36.

Blonde hair by Joyce Carol Oates is a fictional biography of Marilyn Monroe, imagining her inner existence and the many troubles she went through in her life. The first trailer for the film shows the actress in tears, desperate as all the lights are on her. Blonde hair will be the first Netflix film to receive an NC-17 ban in the United States, which is equivalent to a ban for those under 17 without adult accompaniment.

According to some rumors, the streaming platform would have fought with the film’s director to cut particularly graphic sex scenes during the editing. After months of negotiations, Andrew Dominik would have ended up having the last word. Blonde hair will finally be released and it is a relief for many moviegoers, who are impatiently waiting to discover this biopic. Ana de Armas is already considered one of the most serious contenders for the Oscar for best actress. The prestigious ceremony will take place on March 12, 2023.


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