Netflix: Bryan Cranston back as Walter White – that’s behind it

This sight causes confusion. Actually, Bryan Cranston said goodbye to his “Breaking Bad” lead exactly ten years ago. Now the actor suddenly appears again in the “Walter White” look. Is Netflix going to do a spin-off after all?

In 2019, Netflix already released the film “El Camino”, about the future of Jesse Pinkman. Bryan Cranston surprised the audience with a guest appearance back then. Is it now time to continue telling Walter’s story?

“Breaking Bad” on Netflix: Bryan Cranston slips back into Walter White role

Admittedly, after the dramatic finale of “Breaking Bad” it seems extremely unlikely that Walter White’s story can be continued. A prequel, on the other hand, that tells of his previous history would be more likely. But plans like this are not yet known.

However, a new photo has surfaced online showing Bryan Cranston as Walter White. Instead of a new series or a new film, there is only one commercial behind it. As is well known, companies in the USA invest huge amounts of money in advertising during the broadcast of the Super Bowl and go to great lengths to ensure that the audience remembers it. After all, an average of around 99 million Americans watch.

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The manufacturer “PopCorners”, which produces chips from popcorn, is on everyone’s lips even before the live event. The reason for this is his new poster, on which Bryan Cranston stands in the desert as Walter White and holds a bag of chips in his hand. The motif is suspiciously close to that of the first “Breaking Bad” season. In the 2008 promotional poster, Bryan Cranston stands in the desert in a green shirt and white briefs. In his hand, however, he did not hold a snack at the time, but a weapon.

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The actor shares the new snapshot himself on Instagram. “It’ll start soon,” he writes, referring to February 12, the date of the Super Bowl. So it looks like this won’t be his last appearance as Walter White. Fans of the series can look forward to an entire commercial starring Bryan Cranston in his hit role.