Netflix: Crazy announcement! How to lose weight while streaming

Sitting on the couch with a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate and first turning on Netflix: This is what a perfect evening looks like for many people. It’s no secret that this doesn’t really do anything for the bikini figure. The streaming service Netflix has also recognized this and is now coming up with the solution around the corner.

From the new year on, it’s time to sweat instead of sitting around. Netflix is ​​now integrating a feature in the media library, which allows users to stream something for their character at the same time.

Netflix is ​​releasing fitness programs as a series

In addition to series hits such as “Stranger Things”, “Wednesday” or “1899”, there will also be two seasons of fitness courses in the coming year 2023. In a cooperation with the sporting goods manufacturer Nike, customers will soon find the range of sports with professional trainers. In each episode there is a unit to imitate. Interested parties can choose from different difficulty levels and start immediately.

“The opportunity to exhaust yourself and then switch directly to one of your favorite shows has a certain appeal,” says the streaming platform.

Netflix: THIS is how you get there

The best thing about the whole thing: You don’t need a special subscription for the fitness courses. The series will be available in the media library like any other series. Users can then choose between Kickstart Fitness, Yoga, HIT and “Feel Good Fitness”.

Numerous customers are looking forward to the sports offer on Netflix after the official announcements online. Above all, the time was chosen appropriately, writes a Twitter user: “Perfect after the holidays!” Another commented: “That’s a good idea!”

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