Netflix: glitch in “Kaleidoscope”! It only becomes apparent after publication

In the first week of the new year, Netflix is ​​all about the miniseries “Kaleidoscope”. The eight episodes, which deal with a robbery worth billions, only appeared in the provider’s program on January 1st – and immediately stormed the streaming charts.

For three days, “Kaleidoskop” was the number 1 most-watched series on Netflix in Germany. With so much attention, however, there is a high risk that one of the viewers will also notice mistakes. What had to happen happens.

One Direction fans spot logic flaws in Netflix series

“Kaleidoscope” is a true streaming sensation. It is the first series in which the audience can choose the order in which they want to watch the episodes. No matter which sequence you choose, the plot will not be changed or misunderstood, since the consequences can be understood independently of each other. So when you get down to it, there are more than 40,000 different ways to watch the eight-part miniseries.

So it is not unlikely that one or the other logic error will creep in. And indeed, viewers have discovered a blunder in the episodes of “Kaleidoscope”. However, only fans of the former boy band “One Direction” noticed it.

one direction
In August 2015, the “One Direction” members announced that they would be taking a one-year hiatus beginning in March 2016. Photo: IMAGO/ZUMA Press

Netflix series overlooks ‘One Direction’ resolution

The glitch occurs at the beginning of the episode “Green”. Judy, a member of the gang of robbers, smuggles forbidden objects into the prison by bribing a guard. When she shows her her rucksack to be checked, the explosives specialist unobtrusively slides two concert tickets over the counter. These are tickets for a One Direction concert on March 6, 2016.

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However, loyal fans of the band know that the musicians would never have given a concert at that point. Because: As early as August 2015, the “One Direction” singers announced that they wanted to take a one-year break from March 2016. A performance by the group could never have taken place on March 6th. Incidentally, the boy band’s hiatus never ended, instead the band appears to have quietly and secretly disbanded.