Netflix has to save: THAT could soon no longer exist

Netflix: Because of austerity measures! THAT could soon no longer exist

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05/10/2022 at 11:17 p.m

The Netflix empire: The greatest successes of the streaming giant

The Netflix empire: The greatest successes of the streaming giant

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There are new movies and series every month Netflix. The streaming service serves many genres and has been delighting its viewers for years. And yet the number of subscribers is falling.

Less revenue also means less money for productions. Subscription costs have increased in recent years. But things cannot go on like this in the long run. Now want Netflix save on what makes the streaming service special.

Netflix – DAS plans the streaming service for the future

Netflix is ​​planning drastic programming changes in the future. Some films and series should disappear from the platform. phew! That should hit some fans hard. The company wants to pay particular attention to which genres could still be worthwhile in the future and which might not.

Talk shows and musicals are probably at the top of the hit list. Animated series should also disappear. Netflix also wants to reduce collaborations with prominent producers and directors.

The company is no longer willing to pay for high profile. The series “Pearl” by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is to be canceled. According to the Wall Street Journal, there will probably be fewer in-house productions in the future.

Will THESE Netflix series soon be gone?

The new concept of success for the future is to measure the relationship between a production’s budget and the number of viewers it reaches. For example, reality TV shows like “Love is Blind” or “The Circle” are much cheaper to produce – but reach millions of viewers.

It was different with the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things”. The production costs were immensely high – but so were the viewership figures.


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However, the austerity measures are not yet expected for 2022. Will they then be implemented in 2023? That is still unclear.

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