Netflix: How to unlock the final “Kaleidoscope” episode

Let’s be honest, most of us spend January 1st on the couch. Either because you really let it rip on New Year’s Eve or because you want to fully enjoy your first day off in the new year. So it’s fitting that Netflix has scheduled the launch of a brand new miniseries for New Year’s 2023.

Punctually at the beginning of the year on January 1st, the anthology series “Kaleidoskop” starts on Netflix, the eight episodes of which can be viewed in any order. However, customers must first unlock the finale, as one of the actors explains.

Netflix series Kaleidoscope can be watched in random order

The Kaleidoscope series follows a gang of master thieves as they try to break into an indestructible safe and pull off the biggest heist of their career to date. The thieves have to outwit professionally trained security teams and investigators. The story is based on a real case where “$70 billion worth of bonds went missing in central Manhattan,” according to Netflix.

The plot of the eight episodes extends over a period of 25 years. It doesn’t matter if you start with Episode 1 or Episode 5 as they can all be understood independently. “The order in which they [die Zuschauer, Anm.d.Red.] watching the episodes, however, determines their perspective on the story, the characters, and the questions and answers that the heist is about,” Netflix said of Kaleidoscope.

Netflix customers must unlock Kaleidoscope finale

But there is a rule for the eighth and final episode of the miniseries, as actor Max Casеlla explains to New York Live TV: “You can watch the first seven parts in any order, but you have to watch them all, to unlock the finale, which is the real climax.” So viewers should stay away from the season finale, titled “White,” before they’ve watched all the other episodes.

More news:

It is expected that the seven episodes will take place before and after the robbery, while viewers will witness the actual robbery in Episode 8, “White”. Thus, all strands and information that you have noticed in the previous editions come together in this episode.