Netflix launches season 6 of Black Mirror

In 2019 Netflix premiered the three chapters of the fifth and so far the last season of Black Mirror, the acclaimed science fiction series created by Charlie Brooker. Now, three years later, a sixth batch of episodes of the dystopian series is already underway.

According to Variety, the sixth season is taking shape and is in the process of casting. In this sense, it will follow the dynamics of its previous installments, treating each episode as an individual film lasting more than an hour and with high production costs. In addition, it is expected that this new season will have more episodes than its predecessor, which only had three.

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker and his creative partner, Annabel Jones, left their production company House of Tomorrow in January 2020, just months after the fifth season premiered. They did it to found their own company, Broke and Bones, in which Netflix immediately invested a figure that could reach 100 million dollars for a period of five years.

The rights to Black Mirror, however, remained with House of Tomorrow, and it has not been until now that a deal has been reached and the license for the series has returned to Netflix, getting the green light to return to work on the series.

In addition, the news about new chapters of the series was also not positive based on the statements of Charlie Brooker himself, who assured, at the height of the pandemic, “I don’t have the stomach right now to create stories about societies that are falling apart” . “I’ve been writing scripts to make myself laugh,” the Black Mirror creator, writer, and producer said in 2020.

The constant rumors about the economic situation of Netflix and its plans to try to overcome the platform after the latest results could also have something to do with this news. Black Mirror is one of the most watched and successful series on Netflix, and has won a total of six Emmy Awards since its premiere in 2011.