Netflix: Nasty rip-off! That is what streaming customers should now consider

Cyber ​​criminals have it on Netflix– apart from customers!

The consumer center warns Netflixfans from the nasty scam. The goal of the culprits – brazen data theft.

Netflix: subscription customers watch out! This email should remain unanswered

To make it work, the perpetrators send so-called phishing emails. The messages are structured in such a way that the victims, in the best case scenario, reveal personal data about themselves.

As the consumer advice center warns, emails are currently circulating with the subject “Last warning – suspension of your subscription Netflix account”. A nasty trick that suggests the need for action to the victims.

This is Netflix:

  • The company was founded in 1997 – initially it was just an online video store that sent films and DVDs
  • The streaming service now has over 220 million subscribers worldwide
  • The costs for a subscription are between 7.99 euros (basic subscription) and 17.99 euros (premium) per month
  • The most successful productions include series such as “Squid Game”, “Stranger Things”, “The Crown” or “Bridgerton”.
  • Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t work without one or the other disruption either. However, errors and error messages are communicated transparently via the Netflix service

If you open the mail, a payment problem is addressed. A link should bring the quick solution. If you don’t act immediately, the Netflix subscription will be suspended and the planned movie night will fall through – at least that’s what they say.

Netflix: Customers must act

It is important that the sender is not Netflix! Forwarding via the link is only used to access the data provided.

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To prevent this from happening, Netflix users should not click on the link under any circumstances. Passing on personal data beyond this is absolutely taboo. Instead, it is advisable to move the e-mail to the trash immediately and unanswered.

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