Netflix sensation “Don’t Look Up” cuts actors out coldly

Just in time for Christmas, Netflix gave its fans a long-awaited present – the film “Don’t Look Up” was released. But despite the top-class star cast, many viewers are disappointed with the implementation.

On December 24th, “Don’t Look Up” was released on Netflix after a long wait. But shortly after the release, fans and viewers are disappointed. Because an announced actor is missing in the strip. In addition, it seems that the film cannot live up to the high expectations of the fans.

“Don’t Look Up” is about two mediocre astronomers who discover that an asteroid is hurtling towards the earth and will completely destroy the planet within a few months if it is threatened with a collision.

The astronomers, embodied by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, try to warn humanity of the impending danger. On this mission, however, you only meet incredulous media and an equally unsuspecting US President, played by Meryl Streep.

Matthew Perry: There’s no trace of him

There are many big names in the Netflix flick. Among other things, the “FRIENDS” actor Matthew Perry was announced. But there was no trace of the 52-year-old, which many fans noticed negatively.

Especially on the “Reddit” platform, fans let their anger run free. One user wrote without further ado: “Man, that’s really shitty. I wonder why it was cut out. “

He is not alone in his opinion, many others agreed. There were also immediate suspicions about Perry’s absence: “Or maybe the film was already too long that you had to cut out some popular people, otherwise it would have been three hours long. But it really is a shame. I would have liked to see how they would have staged Perry. “

“Don’t Look Up”: Matthew Perry should make his comeback

For the 52-year-old, his role would be in that Netflix movie been a big deal. After his great success with the “FRIENDS” series, his career was more of a splash. His last successful project was the “FRIENDS” reunion, otherwise the actor was more reluctant to do big projects.

His alcohol and drug addiction also stood in the way of his career. There are several withdrawals and relapses behind Perry.

Fans have mixed reactions to Netflix films

Is there perhaps too many stars in the film? A legitimate question, because faces are not only missing in the final cut itself. Some actors have also not been taken into account in PR campaigns. When on Netflix in early DecemberTwitter account movie posters with the stars were released, Perry was already missing. The “Avengers” star Chris Evans also got no place on a poster.

There have been mixed reactions to the Netflix premiere. While many praise the realism of the plot and celebrate the film especially through the terrifyingly real representation, others express themselves negatively. “The film shows that top-class actors and high budgets do not automatically ensure a successful end result. The social criticism presented is made up of scenes that seem absolutely phrase-like and exaggerated, ”said one user, assessing the film. The film title is also jokingly used as a criticism: “If you don’t look, you don’t miss anything.”