Netflix series, The Cuphead Show: details of the new animated series based on the video game | Famous

‘Cuphead’ is a 2017 run-and-gun video game developed by Studio MDHR that was acclaimed by audiences and critics receiving numerous awards in the year of its release.

The game stars two cup-headed brothers, Cuphead and Mugman, who lose a casino bet against the Devil and are challenged by the Devil to steal “soul contracts” from different enemies to forgive their debt.

‘Cuphead’ stands out for its animation aesthetic similar to that of the “golden age” of Disney animation, the difficulty of the game and the soundtrack that consists mainly of jazz songs.

The video game is available for the different consoles on the market, it is designed for two players and, after the success of the launch, it will have an expansion entitled ‘The Delicious Last Course’, which will be released in the summer of 2022, and Netflix was interested in the rights to produce an animated series.

What is The Cuphead Show about?

‘The Cuphead Show’ is based on the video game adventure, so the story is similar to the original. Cuphead is an impulsive character who convinces his brother to enter the Devil’s carnival, where they will meet different creatures who want his soul.

Although Mugman is not convinced of his brother’s plans, he follows him and helps him unconditionally to keep his soul and not lose bets or battles with villains.

In their adventure in the Devil’s carnival, the cup brothers are accompanied by Ms. Chalice, who also appears in the video game, but will apparently have a larger role in the Netflix series.

In addition to the game-like animation style, the series references ‘retro’ cartoons with the title and music.

Cast of The Cuphead Show

Tru Valentino and Frank Todaro are the voice actors who will give life to Cuphead and Mugman, while the comedian Gray Griffin will be behind Ms. Chalice.

The devil will be played by Luke Millington Drake and his sidekick King Dice by Wayne Brady. Je Hanna and Matthew Mercer also appear on ‘The Cuphead Show’ as Elder Kettle and Porkrind.

Trailer and release date

Netflix announced the development of the series as early as 2019, but the production was ready until 2022. The platform showed the first trailer on Monday, January 18, and the series will premiere on February 18.

According to Netflix reports, “The Cuphead Show” will have a family theme, so it can be seen by children and will have 12 episodes; However, it was not announced if all the chapters will arrive on the platform on the same day or if they will be released weekly.