Netflix: the reality TV show Squid Game shot in London would already turn into a nightmare for the candidates

The news had been announced in June 2022. netflix was going to make his series a phenomenon Squid Game a reality TV-show entitled “Squid Game: The Challenge” bringing together 456 participants with a reward of $4.56 million for the winner. Unlike the original series, which saw the losers die at the end of each game, the participants of the show will come out alive and well. However, several of the candidates are already suffering from injuries. Indeed, according to The Sunmedical assistance was reportedly requested during filming, which is currently taking place in freezing cold conditions in London.

As participants played the infamous ‘One, Two, Three, Sun’ in sub-zero temperatures, one told the British media: “Even if hypothermia did set in, people were ready to stay as long as possible as a lot of money was at stake.” He adds: “It was like a war zone. People were being transported by doctors but we couldn’t say anything. Threatened with being kicked out if they spoke, some people couldn’t even move their feet because it was so cold, according to the candidate’s words. Shocking statements that have been denied by Netflix, calling them “false”. “Although it was cold on set, any claims of serious injury are false. We care deeply about the health and safety of our cast and crew. We have invested in the proper security procedures,” explained a spokesperson for the streaming platform.

According to varietyonly 228 of the 456 participants managed to overcome the first obstacle to move on to the rest of the game. Still currently filming, the show should be available during the year 2023 on Netflix.