Netflix will therefore really charge for account sharing and it is not given

After a complicated 2022 for netflix with a significant drop in its stock market value and number of subscribers, 2023 seems to be opening under new auspices. In any case, this is what the firm revealed last Thursday, January 19, by communicating its results in which it indicates that it has no less than 230.75 million paying subscribers worldwide. Driven in particular by the launch of its new low-cost subscription at 5.99 euros, this figure is up by 7.66 million compared to October 2022. Wishing to consolidate its leadership, the streaming platform also announces in its press release that account sharing will be billed from the first quarter of 2023.

Tested since the second quarter of 2022 in certain South American countries such as Chile or Peru, the measure should concern no less than 100 million households around the world and consists of charging an additional fee of around 3 euros per user. outside the home. Per household, netflix means the main residence of the user sharing his identifiers. Made possible thanks to geolocation by IP address, this measure should however only be able to apply to televisions since telephones and laptops are nomadic by nature.

Indicating to strictly apply its terms of use, netflix also justifies its decision by the fact that account sharing “compromises” its long-term ability to invest in its productions and “to improve, as well as to develop” its activity. Far from being “a universally popular decision” according to Greg Peters, co-CEO of Netflix, this change should lead to a “wave of cancellation” of subscriptions in the short term but an increase over time.