Netflix’s most-watched movie right now is a frontrunner for the 2023 Oscars

Most watched movie on netflix at the moment, and the one that in just two weeks is already in the Top 10 of the most played films in the history of the platform, could also surprise and win a Oscar This year. No, we’re not talking about White Noisethe film that everyone considered a few months ago as an obvious candidate, but of Glass Onion.. And that shouldn’t really surprise us because let’s remember that the first part of this magnificent saga of Rian Johnson has already earned a nomination for Best Original Screenplay, so considering it had a limited theatrical release, it could very well be among the nominees again on January 24th.

Anyway, what we can take for granted is that Glass Onion will be a resounding success for Ted Sarandos’ company. It is number 1 in 87 countries and in the Top 10 in 6 other territories. He has accumulated 209.4 million hours of viewing in 10 days (figures stopped at January 1, 2023) and he has 18 more to catch up. Red Notice, which ranks first in the rankings with 364 million hours of viewing. Therefore, if he maintains the same pace, he might well overtake him.

Either way, whether or not Glass Onion manages to be the most-watched movie of all time on Netflix, the third installment is already assured. When Netflix picked up the Benedict Blanc saga, it signed Johnson for two films, the current and the future. Director Rian Johnson already has some ideas for the next story, and said in an interview that he’ll get to work on the script early this year 2023. We can only hope he’s already got it covered. so we don’t have to wait another three years to see Daniel Craig investigate again. Fingers crossed.


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