New album: Is that the new Andreas Gabalier or just the old one?

“A New Beginning” is the name of the album with which the self-proclaimed “folk rock’n’roller” Andreas Gabalier wants to take the wind out of the critics’ sails. Because some perceive him as conservative or right-wing. On the new studio record, the Austrian singer (37) shows himself from a more progressive side – and yet remains the same.

“Whether woman and man/or man and man/or two girls then” and “You are the way you are/and that’s a good thing” it says in the song “Love Life”. And in “Ram Sam Song” Gabalier uses a Moroccan children’s song. But to start off with the album, he presents three real stadium hits for his traditional fans.

“Yes, of course we made it big,” says the man with the well smoked voice. With anthemic numbers like “Every time and every hero has his wounds” or “A new beginning” and the dance track “Iron your dirndl gscheit auf” Gabalier wants to revive the exuberant concert and folk festival mood after the Corona years. “We’re scratching our hooves. We can’t wait to be let off the chain,” says the artist, who will be playing on the Mörbisch lake stage on July 29 and making Kitzbühel unsafe on August 19 and 20.

With the dirndl song and the accompanying video, Gabalier shows that a lot of things in his world are still going the way they are used to. At one point he said he wanted to “glide up and down your side with my iron.” You can also see beautiful women ironing, sewing and peeling potatoes.

With “Love Life” Gabalier wants to set another sign. “I just wanted to make it clear with this song (…) that I don’t have a problem with it at all,” he says. “We always have homosexual couples among the fans at the concerts, on the television shows, who enjoy the music so much.”