New album “Rush!”: Måneskin rock again

New album “Rush!”
Måneskin rock again

Almost two years have passed since she won the Eurovision Song Contest. And rarely before have singing competition winners capitalized on their triumph like Måneskin. Now the rock band from Italy with “Rush!” her third album.

Måneskin don’t seem to need a break for now. After their great success at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2021 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the Italians are now releasing their third studio album: “Rush!” (“Hurry”) is the name of the record and it fills the ears of rock fans with 17 titles. The musicians around frontman Damiano David from Rome want to conquer the charts in Italy and internationally again.

The album contains many fast rock numbers. Some songs come with a lot of pressure (“Kool Kids”), others have a bit of a dragging touch (“Bla Bla Bla”). There is also a ballad-like piece here and there (“Timezone”, “If Not For You”) – perhaps as a small island to catch your breath in a hurry. Before the hit “Supermodel” has already been released, fans who listen to the album in order have to listen to 15 songs first. All are rather entertaining. None of the songs, sung in English or Italian, break the 3.45 minute threshold.

Given the rush, there was probably no time for talks, because Italian media criticized that the band did not give any interviews in advance. So everyone can now form their own impression of the new album, which certainly provides entertainment, but in the end not everything will stick in your memory.

Guest appearance by Tom Morello

The critical ears of the music magazine “Rolling Stone” seem to have convinced the quartet at least with some songs. “Irresistibly memorable,” the newspaper said of the tracks “Baby Said” and “Gossip.” In the latter, the guitarist of the US crossover band Rage Against The Machine, Tom Morello, plays with. It was a great honor for the band to work with Morello, frontman Damiano said in a statement. Måneskin is a great band, Morello said. “They all play great. They write great songs.”

Måneskin on RTL+ Music


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Looking for music by Måneskin? Songs, albums and information about the band are available on RTL+ Musik.

Almost two years after their ESC victory with “Zitti e buoni”, Måneskin are still on the big stages. Their compatriots have not forgotten that they secured Italy’s ESC win. 70,000 concert tickets went over the counter in April 2022 when the four played in Rome.

Damiano David, Thomas Raggi (guitar), Victoria De Angelis (bass) and Ethan Torchio (drums) manage to bring their rock from Rome further into the music world, where trap and radio-pop are booming. In Rome, you can occasionally run into the band members in the Trastevere bar district. Anyone who knows them also knows that they like to appear somewhat eccentric. Some of the songs on the new album can also be heard with a certain irony.

Måneskin will also be coming to Germany in March for two concerts: Berlin (March 6) and Cologne (March 10).