New dirty Zoff with the Pochers?

Pietro Lombardi left his house to the Pochers. Then the pool was dirty. Self-inflicted, so the singer. But now he’s following up again.

the essentials in brief

  • Pietro Lombardi left his house to Oliver and Amira Pocher.
  • After that, the pool was dirty, Lombardi’s fault.

The only thing that is certain is that the jacuzzi was pretty dirty…

The next round has begun in the dirty pool between Pietro Lombardi (29) and Oliver (44) and Amira Pocher (29).

For weeks, the fans of the hit singer have been puzzling over who left the jacuzzi so dingy. Was it really the Pochers who lived in Pietro’s villa for weeks because their house had become uninhabitable due to the flood disaster?

“I opened the pool two weeks ago and forgot to close the cover again,” Pietro said recently to “Bild”. “The rain came in the evening, which made the pool dirty.”

But now the singer is heating up again on his Instagram account. “One thing I took away from the day: Never try to help anyone, otherwise it can only backfire for you,” says Pietro.

He waves his iPhone in the direction of the pool!

Do you follow the dirty Zoff between Pietro and the Pochers?

And that, although the Pochers have just been dubbed squatters and parasites by numerous Lombardi fans.

“We even freshly painted the house. We cleaned up immaculately and left everything cleaner than before, »Amira Pocher countered in her podcast. “That is not how it works!”

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