New friend? Now Beatrice Egli’s manager is commenting on rumours

Updated on 10/14/2022 3:29 PM

  • There are always rumors of love surrounding Beatrice Egli.
  • Most recently, numerous media speculated about flirting with Florian Silbereisen, then she was spotted with an unknown man in Berlin.
  • Your management is now taking the wind out of the sails of the rumours.

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There is always speculation about Schlagerstar’s love life Beatrice Egli. The 34-year-old recently became a flirt with a colleague Florian Silbereisen implied. RTL the singer now wants to have seen in Berlin with an “unknown companion”. The broadcaster also published photos of the two. “Is the stranger (…) perhaps the new man at Beatrice’s side?” RTL wonders.

The Swiss daily newspaper “View” checked with Beatrice Egli. Her manager now comments on the rumors: “The man in the picture is a member of the management team, and that’s all there is,” explains Martin Hobler. The speculation is “hot air”.

The love life of the hit star: Beatrice Egli cares about her freedom

In 2018, she also spoke to the news agency spot on news about her love life. “I love being independent and having freedom,” she explained at the time. “Maybe someday there will be another time when I will give myself more time for my private life to give a relationship a real chance.”

About a possible wedding, she said: “Maybe someday I’ll stand in front of the altar in a white dress, but I don’t know when it will be.” Even when starting a family, she has “no last minute panic” – she loves her freedom “far too much” for that.

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