New lions lead the 27-year tradition

By Maria Jose Rojas

The “September 24 Lions Club” dressed up for the election of the new board, headed by Susana Martínez de Sagarnága.

With 27 years serving the Cruceños and 18 new members of the 2022-2023 management board, the club held its act in the Ramón Hurtado Circle. The main dish of the night was a traditional “chicken spicy”.

Boards. After completing the 27-year anniversary, elected in the directory.

In a group. The complete management of the club management 2022-2023.

New. Gigliola Oliveira, Susana Martínez, Claudia Hurtado and Mery Veizaga.

Hugo Parada, Susy Martínez, Mery Veizaga, Lider Soria and Mery Terceros.

Cheerful. Ely Vera, Arminda Melgar, Susy Marínez, Eva Mondepora and Jimena Coca.

Tradition. The new directory is made up of 20 lionesses.