New ProSieben show “The big celebrity penance”: The big celebrity whining

Updated on 07/07/2022 23:00

  • A camp, a few belligerent more or less well-known “stars”, and the new ProSieben show “The Big Celebrity Penance” is done.
  • There is not much to see of remorse in the first episode.
  • Instead, what the Botox has to offer is crackling.
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Right off the bat, the narrator asks, “Like any other celebrity show?” And tries to dispel any doubts that this is a format like all the other TV shows with dubious cast.

There are excerpts from camp beds, overalls, people huddled together and smoking cigarettes, digging through mud and yelling at the top of their lungs. Sounds familiar? That’s right, “The Great Celebrity Penance” is the next attempt to somehow follow the success of “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” to connect

Only instead of in the jungle do the TV crackers sit in the mountains and eat lentils as a substitute for rice and beans. How resourceful.

In order to achieve the maximum Stänker bonus, ProSieben has primarily signed well-known top performers. Including five ex-jungle campers: Helena Fürst, Gisele Oppermann, Elena Miras and Daniele Negroni.

The rest have already appeared in similarly aligned formats or are so unknown even by C-celebrity standards that a film needs to be made to explain who they are. For example, influencer Tessa Hövel, who celebrated her birthday during the corona lockdown. This is how other celebrities become British Prime Ministers. Tessa has to go to ProSieben.

The Great Purification

The aim of “The Big Celebrity Penance” should be a big purification. True to the motto: “I want the public to see a different side of me,” as Elena Miras puts it. Completely ignoring that this one side is the only reason why these kind of celebs have been able to trundle through the same type of shows for years.

The ingredients are always the same: outhouses, a camp somewhere between boot camp and junkyard, raw nerves. There is also a snoring Helena Fürst, who keeps the whole dormitory awake and the next morning Gisele Oppermann eats the last banana. What follows is the usual bickering over a nullity. Everyone does what they were cast for: Helena Fürst screams, Gisele Oppermann cries, Elena Miras gets upset. Sorry, has “temperament”.

But shouldn’t the celebrities pay for it? They can do that in the first game, a kind of mud wrestle for an old motorcycle tire. After just a few minutes, Daniele Negroni was taken away by ambulance. YouTuber Simex’s knee confused the head of the ex-“DSDS” candidate with a football.

Ouch. There are no winners at this show anyway, because instead of prizes for the winners, only the losers are punished. In this case, they are not allowed to wash off the mud for twelve hours.

The highlight of the show is “The Round of Shame”. Enter Olivia Jones, in her own words: “I’m your bad, colorful conscience.” Matthias Mangiapane is the first to appear before the tribunal. His raison d’être on The Great Celebrity Penance: supporting the tanning and teeth whitening industry, and an extremely loose mouth.

Jones presents him with the best examples. Regret is a long time coming. After his tirades against Claudia Obert in the “Summer House of the Stars”, he just grins and says: “What do you want to hear now?” Olivia Jones sighs and replies: “You’ve got a real hate face there.”

“I can only apologize” – but I really don’t want to

It goes on like this for a while until Jones pulls the joker: “What does your family say about that?” Pinched facial expression, at least amateurishly played remorse: “I can only apologize.” The emphasis is on “can”. What he omits with this sentence construction. “I just hope that I’m strong enough that you’ll never see scenes like that from me again,” Mangiapane adds. He has enough time to think now. Jones sentences him to latrine duty.

The only thing missing …? Exactly, no celebrity format without a nomination. Since money was apparently tight, the “stars” compete against each other with “I’m packing my suitcase”. The five who fly out first are up for nomination, two of them have to fight to stay in the camp. It’s not surprising Helena Fürst, who grumbled through two hours of broadcasting, and Tessa Hövel, who nobody knows anyway. You have to throw flaming balls at each other. Yes, exactly, with flaming balls. Really now.

And as Tessa keeps trying to catch (and miss) the ball instead of dodging, Helena wins, to everyone’s dismay, and returns to camp. After all, someone has to spread a bad mood on “The Big Celebrity Penance” and heat up the mood further. Or as Matthias Mangiapane puts it so beautifully: “It hurt me a lot that there were only things shown that were characterized by negativity.”

But otherwise this format would ultimately be called “The Big Celebrity Cuddling”.

Presenter Judith Rakers has Corona, the ARD broadcaster Radio Bremen announced on Wednesday. Giovanni di Lorenzo leads the show alone – it’s the first time since he started the show in 1989.