New video of the accident comes out and it is confirmed that he had used cocaine

Anne Heche: new video of the accident comes out and it is confirmed that she had used cocaine. A little over a week after the tragic accident that cost the 53-year-old actress her life, more data came to light and even a clip that has shocked because the damaged property was left in terrible condition, which allows us to glimpse that the producer ended up brutally injured.

According to the British media Daily Mail, the video was obtained by the TMZ portal and it shows the interior of the property that was left in terrible conditions, since part of the walls collapsed, while the roof was almost completely damaged. It is also appreciated how the firefighters review the burned debris and the totally burned belongings

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This belongs to a woman identified as Mischele, who was unharmed, as well as her pets, although she was inside the house when the protagonist of “Seven days and seven nights” hit her Mini Cooper against it.

In a certain way, the owner was lucky because the Los Angeles, California, Fire Department said the accident caused a “structural compromise and broke out in an intense fire.” This explains why the house was left in awful condition and Anne Heche was badly affected.

Additionally, a Los Angeles Police spokesman said the department is still investigating why blood test showed that the actress had cocaine and fentanyl in her system when the accident occurred.

Now, the purpose is to know if drug use contributed to the accident, which occurred on Friday, August 5 at noon, as we share with you. Another factor that influenced was that the ex-partner of Ellen Degeneres was driving in speeding and, in fact, hit his car twice, although the second time was the most dramatic.

Separately, it was revealed that a new 911 call also revealed that neighbors were initially unaware that Anne Heche was trapped in the car on the property. But realizing that the actress was in the car, a man begged that the staff of the emergency services was “really fast” because there was a life involved.

After the death of the actress, announced on Friday the 12th, that is, a week after the incident, the owner of the damaged house paid tribute to her through her social networks, as well as thousands of followers of Anne Heche whose will was that their organs were donated.

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