Nico Occhiato told what he thought of Luciano Castro before he was Flor Vigna’s boyfriend: “It’s very…”

Nicholas Occhiato Y Florence Vine They were as guests on PH Podemos Hablar, the program hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff, where all eyes were on the former couple this Saturday.

vine flower is currently in a relationship with Luciano Castrowith whom, coincidentally, Nicholas Occhiato shared work on a novel before a while ago.

This happened after Andy invited “those who began their careers by chance” to come to the meeting point. There, after FlowerHe passed Nicowho said that he worked on a novel in which his ex-partner’s current boyfriend was.

“I was as an extra in some places. In Violeta, I was walking by behind, but I never showed up. Then I was one in Sos mi Vida, where I was behind Luciano Castro and Celeste Cid, having a drink, “she said.

“And what did you think of Luciano Castro when you had coffee?”, he asked, mischievous, Andy a Nicholas Occhiato, who answered bluntly. “Nothing, what a fachero he is. He is a very good actor. Nothing else,” he replied.

“I had many jobs before. I really liked sports journalism. I was a frustrated journalist. I was doing very badly at school and my mom didn’t want me to continue, “he began by telling. “I worked delivering bread in a truck, every day at three in the morning and then I started to get closer to this,” he added.