Nicolás Cabré and Mariano Martínez live as singles together: the photos of their Buenos Aires night

Nicolas Cabre Y Mariano Martinez They have known each other for more than two decades. They shared jobs, meetings, special events and nights out, especially when they were young, something they repeated this weekend.

Both starred in fictions at the beginning of this millennium. I will fit Y Martinez They established themselves as great gallants, first among the young audience and then, until these days, for all ages, since it seems that time does not pass for them.

In each project that they were facing in their careers, they grew and the great leap was made when Adrián Suar summoned them to star in “Son Amores”. In that well-remembered fiction the friendship between the actors was born.

Nicolás Cabré and Mariano Martínez.
Nicolás Cabré and Mariano Martínez.

These were not times of social networks, so the private lives of celebrities were not so exposed. However, it was learned that they not only had fun at work, recording, but also with outings.

In those years, Nicolas Cabre he was dating Agustina Cherri and Mariano Martinez He was dating Marcela Kloosterboer. Today, the two actresses are still friends. In those days it was very common for the journalistic guards to find them outings of four.

Once those relationships were terminated, I will fit Y Martinez they began to go out and do their thing. Because, of course, they were famous and young. There is no doubt that you will have greatly enjoyed these advantages.