Nicolas Sarkozy celebrates his 68th birthday: his wife Carla Bruni sends him a tender message

Nicolas Sarkozy celebrated his 68th birthday this Saturday, January 28. For this special occasion, his wife Carla Bruni wanted to send him a tender message on his Instagram account.

In November 2007, Carla Bruni had an encounter that turned her life upside down. Invited at a dinner organized by the advertiser Jacques Séguéla, the singer found herself alongside Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the Republic at that time. Both fell in love at first sight and have been inseparable ever since. This Saturday, January 28, the former president celebrated his 68th birthday. For this special occasion, his wife sent him a tender message on his Instagram account. “Happy birthday to you my love Nicolas Sarkozy, time is on your side”, she wrote in the caption of a publication on which we could see her with a big smile on her lips, alongside the father of her daughter. In the comments, many people wanted to join Carla Bruni. “Happy Birthday Nicholas, indicated Bernard Montiel. Some Internet users, supporters of Nicolas Sarkozy, have, for their part, affirmed: “Happy birthday Mr President. Miss you in these troubled times!”. Subsequently, it was in her story that the singer chained the statements by sharing many photos of the man with whom she has shared her life for several years. On the first, we can see the couple embracing. On a second, it is a very happy Nicolas Sarkozy that Internet users have discovered. Surrounded by many birthday cakes with candles on them, the former French president is very fulfilled. Images in complete privacy, to the delight of Internet users.

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy form a very fulfilled couple and it is not the singer who will say the opposite. In the columns of SHE in November 2022, she had not hesitated to make some secrets about her life as a couple. “I am much more reassured today, in this life with my husband. He is by far the most reassuring man I have found.“, she first explained before adding: “There is a great commitment between us. But I depend on this love. And that’s exactly what I was running from before I met him”. Before meeting Nicolas Sarkozy, the former model had no intention of committing. “Except with my son’s father, then with him, the only man I ever married.” she said. Despite the passage of time, Carla Bruni had claimed to be always very fulfilled in her relationship. “Finally, in twenty years, things haven’t changed so much, even physical love, I still find that delicious“, she continued, very transparently. In the arms of the former president, she lives a relationship in which she is fully fulfilled. “True love is like shelter, if you lose it, you’re destroyed.” she said before adding: I find that existence is all the more eventful when you have only one man, because you concentrate on him. It takes me three quarters of my time!“Statements that must have pleased the principal concerned.

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy: how did they meet?

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy form a very fulfilled couple today. Their meeting dates back to November 2007 and it turned their lives upside down. Nicolas Sarkozy did not know Carla Bruni. He had never seen her. Besides, it was his first day on strike, his first strike,” had explained Jacques Séguéla on the antenna of C à Vous in 2015. “He arrived an hour late, I relaxed things by offering a game: ‘Each has four minutes to seduce the other’. It lasted until two o’clock in the morning… and they never left each other!, he said afterwards. For her part, the main concerned had assured to have “felt the impact of things that night” before to clarify that her future husband had upset her from the start. He still called me back only at 4 p.m. the next day., she had revealed, very amused. A meeting that led to a beautiful relationship and both welcomed their little girl Giulia in October 2011.