Nicole Álvarez surprises in networks with a new project

Last night, Tuesday, January 24, the former beauty queen announced to her thousands of followers that she is starting a new professional facet that excites her a lot. Find out what it’s all about

The crazy, model and former Salvadoran beauty queen, Nicole Álvarez, is an empowered young woman who does not stop adding achievements to her career.

After shining in the 70th edition of the Miss World pageant, which was held in March 2022 and which corresponded to the year 2021, the beautiful Salvadoran has not stopped standing out.

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Not only does she continue to open a gap in the world of modeling, she also ventured into the audiovisual industry as part of the video clip for the song “Tsunami”, in which Maluma, Arcángel and De La Ghetto collaborate.

On the night of January 24, the compatriot announced on Instagram during a live that she is about to start a new stage in her life: a podcast.

“😱I’m so excited! 😱For a while I’ve been turning this project over in my head, a space that is out of the traditional, the square of TV or radio and that allows me to express myself as I am”, It reads at the beginning of the text that he placed next to the clip in which he talks about his podcast “CadaQuien”.

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As she herself explains on her social networks, Cada Quien Podcast is her new personal space, where we will be free to talk, complain and laugh at what we want, as well as when we are between cheros and cheras…”.

Álvarez’s followers and fans will be able to follow this new communication project every Sunday through “Spotify, Apple & Google Podcast, Deezer, Amazon Music, YouTube, and obviously Tiktok 💋”.

You can also follow his podcast on his Instagram account @cadaquien.podcast.