Nicolle Figueroa hints to her boyfriend that she wants to be a mom and he tells her not to get her hopes up!

They even dye their hair the same color! Nicolle Figueroa and Augusto Giménez do everything together, and apparently the Salvadoran tiktoker wants to go even further, although he insists on going little by little.

Whether jokingly or seriously, the tiktokers Nicolle Figueroa and Augusto Giménez have talked about making their lives together on more than one occasion. Not only do they live together, they even dye their hair the same color and dress very similar.

The Salvadoran and the Argentine make up one of the most beloved couples on social networks. His followers not only come from El Salvador, there are also from different parts of the world.

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Her fans are enjoying her content, most recently stirring up a bit of TikTok as Nicolle once again talks about becoming a mom.

It is not the first time that Nicolle Figueroa hints that she wants to be a mother. Illustrative and non-commercial videos / =1&is_from_webapp=v1&lang=en

“When he tells me he wants to be a dad,” the redhead wrote about the video; even she in the video gave the answer to her suggestion: “Of course.”

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One of the first to comment was the South American, who jokingly and seriously wrote him: “No illusions okay.”

Giménez always interacts with Nicolle in the comments area. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image /

TikTok users did not remain unresponsive either: “When that day comes I will be the happiest”, “don’t get your hopes up. Okay”, “they take being parents so lightly, I feel that it is not easy and even less so if a relationship is recent, then the children suffer”, “jokingly, Melody peeks out”, “their children will be very beautiful because the two they are very handsome», «between joke and joke, the truth appears», «could it be that they are giving us a clue».