Nikola Lozina makes a radical decision after his separation from Laura Lempika

Funny birthday this January 6 for Nikola Lozina. The day before the husband of Laura Lempika announced to the admirers of the couple, shocked, that they had decided to end their story. In the aftermath, on January 7, Zlatan’s dad took, with a heavy heart, a radical decision.

2022 was rock for the hearts of influencers. The start of 2023 is not proving to be much more lenient. in the realm of reality TV. After the separation of Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedjit is Martika who announced to separate from her husband Umberto Torretto with which she had two little girls Mia and Gioia. Same startling revelation for Nikola Lozina and Laura Lempika. The couple gave birth to their son Zlatanon 11 Dec, 2020 and celebrated his union with great fanfare in the Balearic Islands, August 26, 2022. But this January 5, 2023, boom! The Belgian bearded man, of Croatian origin revealed that the beautiful story is now over… “After five years of living together and sincere, authentic love, we have decided with Laura to separate by mutual agreement” he said on his Instagram account without giving further details. What to lose his Latin in front of such an epilogue that no one saw coming

Wipe the slate clean and start off on the right foot?

Attacked by a user who criticized the couple for divorcing so quickly after their union, Laura Lempika has released her claws. The pretty brunette ardently defended the choice of breakup : “We must not judge the situation of each other too much because tomorrow you don’t know where you will be. It can happen to anyone. In terms of ease, everyone thinks what they want. To me, staying in a relationship all because we’re married when we’re not happy, I call that easy also…” she launched adding a bit angry “Because believe me, making separation decisions, there is nothing easy in that. Everyone is free to choose. We do the best for our family. Above all, everyone is free to do what they want, the important thing is to be happy.”

This January 7, Nikola Lozina, no doubt turned around by this breakup, again expressed himself on Instagram, on a black background, he simply indicated “Thank you all for your messages. I will not be able for the moment to resume my networks and it’s not easy to act as if nothing had happened. I prefer to step aside for a while and stay with my family and friends.“In the process he published a snapshot of what remains his essential, and the most beautiful memory of this story, that of his little boy Zlatan …