Nikos Aliagas, Denis Brogniart … farewell to their friend Laurent Vimont

Family and relatives of Laurent Vimont, boss of Century 21, were gathered Thursday at the Notre-Dame de Grâce church in Passy, ​​in the 16th arrondissement of Paris for a last goodbye. Denis Brogniart, Nikos Aliagas, Xavier De Moulins, Cécile de Ménibus or even Claude Dartois were present at the ceremony.

Laurent Vimont was only 61 years old. He succumbed to a heart attack on March 11. A terrible announcement that left those who knew and loved him in shock.

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Several personalities had greeted his memory on social networks. Like Nikos Aliagas who on Twitter lamented “sad news as unreal as it is painful”. “Yesterday I lost a friend, Laurent Vimont, a man whom I loved, whom I admired and for whom I had immense respect. He was a great president of Century 21, a courageous, caring, passionate and altruistic leader. I am in shock at this sudden disappearance”, wrote the presenter of “Koh Lanta”.

Laurent Vimont worked for Century 21 since its establishment in France, in 1987. He had taken the head of its IT branch in 2000 before becoming, at the beginning of 2009, president of the group, a post which he had not left since.